Utility arboriculture-based courses

Hi-Line Training is one of the UK’s leading utility arboricultural training providers. Our expert instructors have more than two decades of experience working on multiple distribution network operator (DNO) vegetation management contracts in cutting teams and surveying and extensive experience training the utility arboriculture suite of courses.

Our utility arboriculture courses are aimed predominantly at those working in or looking to work in the utility arboriculture sector. They are also suitable for people carrying out arboricultural or forestry work near live overhead power lines. Our courses will impart a broad skillset, including basic electrical knowledge, recognition of electrical components, specific distribution network operator work practice methods, tree species and tree decay recognition, use of insulated tools, assisted felling and climbing near electrical networks. For candidates attending the utility arboriculture (UA) surveying course, practical surveying, as well as theoretical knowledge, is covered in our classroom and at our live electrical training site.

For experienced candidates with utility arboricultural qualifications, we offer various refresher training options, including the C&G NPTC CPD units for individuals and organisations. Candidates can choose to attend a stand-alone course for each unit or can combine units within one course.

Although the UA basic electrical knowledge (formerly UA1) course is aimed at those new to the industry and requires no previous qualifications, the more advanced courses are aimed at those with some experience. Most have some prerequisite qualifications; please see the individual course pages for details.

Some of the utility arboriculture qualifications require specialist equipment, such as DNO-approved insulated tools and poles and industry-compliant rope-based assisted felling equipment. We provide these for training and assessment programmes.

With our experience of utility arboriculture vegetation management contracts and our understanding of the large-scale training requirements, we are happy to discuss training plans with large- and small-contract holders and how we can help deliver these efficiently and cost-effectively.

UA Basic electrical knowledge
C&G NPTC UA Basic electrical knowledge 003830 (formerly UA1) This course…
Utility arboriculture: Tree species recognition, ground-based pruning, assisted felling and aerial pruning
C&G NPTC UA Tree species recognition 003831, ground-based pruning 003832, assisted felling…