UA Basic electrical knowledge

Started on July 19, 2024

C&G NPTC UA Basic electrical knowledge 003830 (formerly UA1)

This course is the first step for people wishing to embark on a career in the utility-arboriculture sector or anyone working with trees near live overhead power lines. The course is primarily classroom-based at our training centre near Exeter. A pass is a prerequisite to work on behalf of any of the UK’s distribution network operators. The course includes hands-on examples of some electrical equipment and, weather permitting, a look at the local electrical network.

Learning objectives

Upon completion, the candidate will

  • understand the relevant industry legislation and safety guidelines associated with carrying out arboricultural work within the proximity of power lines in compliance with G55
  • recognise the importance of carrying out separate electrical and site-specific risk assessments with a robust emergency procedure
  • identify proximity, vicinity and live zones and understand the factors to consider when setting up, running and leaving a work site within the proximity zone of a distribution network operator’s overhead electrical network
  • understand how vegetation is categorised within the proximity zone
  • be able to identify a variety of electrical equipment component parts and the associated hazards relevant to them
  • be able to ensure their own and others’ safety on-site when working close to overhead power lines
  • be able to understand and act as a member of a working party under shutdown conditions.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course duration

One day training, with an assessment on a separate day.


Training cost: £150 per person plus VAT. C&G NPTC assessment cost: £160 per person.


Pen and notepad. Most network distribution companies will also require attendance of their induction course and first aid training, as well as C&G NPTC 003830 (UA1), before people are allowed to work on a utility site.

Refresher courses are also available. Please enquire for details.